This ‘Stranger Things’ Themed Halloween Decor Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

There is decorating for Halloween and there is decorating for Halloween. This house in Plainfield, Illinois has the entire neighborhood talking and one neighbor upset over the display.

Here’s a look at the set up….


The family who is responsible for the decoration and the levitating Max won’t reveal their secret. We have no clue how they get her to stay mid air like that but they did reveal that one neighbor complained. The issue is, the figure looks just like their daughter who is about the same age as Max in the series and has the same color hair. The neighbor didn’t think it was appropriate. Dave and Aubrey are the owners of the home and they said they checked with the neighborhood before this elaborate display went up and everyone was okay with it. After the complaint came in, they started to take it down but after talking with city officials, came to the conclusion they were doing nothing wrong. The full set up is only operational on weekend nights. During the week, people can still walk by and view it without all the lights and if the winds are over 10mph, you can find Max visiting Billy’s grave instead of mid air. Talk about die hard fans with a ton of talent!




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