Easton Oliverson Gets Released From The Hospital Weeks Are His Fall

We’ve all slept in a bunk bed at least once before right? Have you ever been worried about sleeping on the top bunk and falling off? I’m a wild sleeper, I never willingly sleep on the top bunk. Little League outfielder and pitcher Easton Oliverson fell off the top bunk and was airlifted to a local Childrens hospital. Doctors said he was 30 minutes away from dying due to the pressure on his brain stem.

He underwent surgery and was put in a medically induced coma. Weeks later, Easton finally gets to go home to Salt Lake City, Utah. This story really struck a cord with so many because was an innocent accident that turned scary fast. Easton posted a message to his Dads Instagram page to thank everyone for the support while he was fighting for his life.

See his message HERE.


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